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Driscoll to seek full term as Webster County attorney Darren Driscoll, who was appointed Webster County attorney last month, has announced that he will seek a full term in the office. He was sworn in as Webster County attorney on Feb. 20 after Jennifer Benson, who had been in that office, resigned to take a job with the Pottawattamie County attorney’s office. Driscoll said he always intended to run for a full term when he was appointed. “I think there’s a great group of people over there,” he said of the county attorney’s office. “I’ve been there a little over a month now. I get along well with the attorneys and the staff. They’re a very competent group of people and I think we’re going to make a great team going forward.” Driscoll said, if elected to a full term, he doesn’t anticipate making any drastic changes to the office, saying the office is already doing what he would be doing. He did say, with his background as a defense attorney, he may be able to bring a new perspective on cases. “But, in essence, I think it was already headed in a very solid direction,” Driscoll said.

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